SKM Broiler Feed

SKM Broiler Feed


Broiler Feed
Sno Name Recommendation
Crumble Feed
1 Broiler Starter Crumble Chicks upto 4 wks of age
2 Broiler Finisher Pellets Chicks from 4 wks to Marketing age (generally at 6 wks)
3 Stall Broiler Pellet Feed Stall Feed during Culling
Mash Feed
Sno Name Recommendation
1 Broiler Starter Mash Chicks upto 4 weeks of age
2 Broiler Finisher Mash Chicks from 4 weeks to Marketing age (generally at 6 wks)
3 Stall Broiler Mash Stall Feed during Culling

SKM Feeds has “state of the art” feed plants with advanced technologies to produce hygienic quality feed for livestock & poultry. SKM has the largest single-site feed plant in India. SKM has feed plants in 2 locations, namely Erode, Tamil Nadu and Chitradurga, Karnataka. The production capacity is 5000 MTS/day at present. The plant has separate lines to produce Broiler Feed, Layer Feed in Mash, Crumble, and Pellet form, and Cattle Feed in Mash & pellet form. The computer-aided, scientifically compounded, nutritionally balanced feed formulations are done by highly qualified nutritionists using tested and selected feed ingredients to ensure that our customers utilize the maximum genetic potential of the Livestock & Poultry under ideal management and environmental conditions. The performance of the feed under field conditions is constantly monitored by experts at trial farms located in various locations.

SKM Feeds production department is well equipped with modernized Quality Control laboratories, which include NIR to analyse Nutrient contents of Raw Materials & Finished Products.


SKM Feeds is well known for its quality. Every raw material and finished products are subject to stringent quality control analysis at the modern laboratory attached to the feed plants. All the raw materials are purchased on a Quality guarantee basis only. Only the raw materials that meet the quality specification are used for feed production. The finished products that meet our quality standards are dispatched to the market.

Our growth of more than 700% in less than 13 years stands as a testimony to our commitment to quality. The feed products manufactured by SKM have nutritional values that meet international specifications and standards. They help poultry and dairy farmers to increase productivity at the lowest cost, thus ensuring profitability and prosperity.