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Started in 1983, SKM has come a very long way by means of largest commercial feed manufacturer in South India. SKM proves itself at having helped its customers succeed through hard work and innovation. The extensive distribution network built over the years is a major strength of SKM. The company has attempted to penetrate depth-wise along with entering new markets with its emphasis on providing quality feeds to customers. Dual strength of SKM on regular and premium range of products works better with no compromise on quality. This positioning helps SKM to generate large sales volumes for our products.

Our presence in South India is wide spread and we are proud to have over 2000 dealers with satisfied customers. Two manufacturing centers distribute feed to the end customers through their own depot and transportation facilities with no time lag. Packaging for finished products for long distances is made to tackle adverse weather conditions. Our products range viz, Dairy Cattle feed, Broiler feed, Layer Feed and Feed for Emu, Quail, Desi Chicken, Sheep & Goat. Feed for Indian market is made according to the requirements of the layers and broilers in the region. SKM Poultry services and marketing centers handles Table eggs, Broiler Hatching Eggs and Broiler Chicks.

The reputation our field force has developed in the market for over 30 years is substantial. Today we are having a sales volume of more than 75,000 metric ton per month.This is an acknowledgement to the efficiency of our field force.